We are a very proud and prideful group of Veterans and like-minded teammates at United Veteran Construction and Landscape Solutions, Inc (UVETS). We are humbled to announce that over half of our organization consists of Veterans from all walks of life. Our diversity is our strength and we feel very confident that we can accomplish any mission and that we can compete with any other organization in the DFW space.

Over two years ago a clear vision was postulated and not only have we met our intent, however, we re-branded to show that we are serious in our commitment to hire Veterans and give them an opportunity they earned. I recently read in another forum the following statement “as Veterans we need to create our own space because “civilians” will never understand us”.  To read that saddened, annoyed and angered me. We have some outstanding civilians that work alongside our Veterans that are highly intelligent, accomplished and are great teammates. I know many civilians that have not served and want nothing more than to work alongside Veterans.Concurrently, I know of senior leaders in many organizations that want to give Veterans an opportunity to work in their organizations.

UVET’s is building an amazing following Nationally, and it is lead by phenomenal Americans that have never served, for that we are humbled, honored and proud to have so many people pulling for our organization. Recently, we have been asked to compete for some tremendous opportunities that would have never happened, but for these amazing employees leading from the front.

Our mission is very simple; we strive daily to be perfect in every aspect of our game. Do we misfire? Absolutely, however, we correct the issue immediately and we live to play another day. We are proactive, steadfast and hungry to prove our worth to not only our clients but with our communities, vendors, and future customers. We know that with any additional line of business that we are fortunate to acquire, we can hire another Veteran and give them an opportunity to build a fantastic career for themselves and their families.

We are always hiring; we need 15 production specialist that are lead by high moral character, integrity, and values. Please visit our new website; www.uvetsolutions.com